lundi 11 juin 2012

By Julie-C
By Celosie

And now, the collab : We called it "A foretaste of summer" because it's a fresh and sunny kit, full of peps.
It contains 100 elements and 20 papers.
Here are some pages realized by my awesome CT girls !
By Cizzy
By Delph
By Mirandana
By Yelina
By Irenchen
By MagCP
By Mamiemoi 
By Chouk77
by Mumure
By Mel Designs
By Abeille
 By Hekas
 By Irishgull
By Beauté

And here are some pages realized by Ptitesouris Design' CT :

And now, the surprise : For my EXCLUSIVE fans on Facebook, I have a little gift :
Just click on this preview and enjoy :)

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Mumure a dit…

Le kit est sur mon blog.