jeudi 31 mai 2012

By July-C
By Irenchen

My collection Elegance, is available exclusively @ Digital Crea !! HERE
Read this post till the end, I have several little gifts for you !

 Wonders realized by my awesome CT :
By Yelina
By Priss Designs 
By Chouk77
By MagCP
 By Hekas 
By Paprika
By me
By Delph Designs
By Mel Designs
By Mamiemoi
By Beauté
By Me
By Chouk77
By Abeille 
By Me 
By Me

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Mumure a dit…

HEIN???J'ai du raté une marche!!D''où il sort ce kit??
C'est sublime en tout cas.

Mumure a dit…

La qp est sur mon blog Véro.