jeudi 26 avril 2012

Hello ! I have many new things for you !
A kit, a CU pack and a freebie !

My part from a collab with WendyP Designs, colorful Tea is available @ Digital Crea: HERE
20% off today and tomorrow !

I showed you those pages before, but they are so beautiful, aren't they ?
You can see the whole collection of pages on my store !


Here is my CU pack :
A colorful Tea set, with 10 elements and 1 paper.
Each element is photographed en extracted by me.
Shadows are not included.
Enjoy 35% off for a limited time !

And now the freebie :
The last part from the DC designers, Romantic Spring is now available :

I hope you enjoyed all those news.
I'll write again very soon for a very new full collection :)

jeudi 5 avril 2012

By July C
By Yelina 
By Mamiemoi
By MagCP
 by Beauté
 by Priss
 by Chouk
 By Doudou's Designs
 By Paprika
 By Me
 By Delph Designs
 By Me
 By Manue Designs 
 By Me

mercredi 4 avril 2012


 Here are some wonders realized by awesome my CT :
 July C
By MagCP
By Irenchen
By Hekas
By Irishgull
By Serena
By Paprika
by Yelina
By DelphDesigns
By Priss
By Irenchen
By Mamiemoi
By MelDesigns
 By JulyC
 By MagCP
 By Abeille
 By Doudou's Design
 By Beauté
 By Angel Jet