mardi 13 mars 2012

by Serena

Yeaaaaaahhhhhh ! My Where are Chicks ? full collection is in my store, @ 7thH where I'm guest this month :

 And here are stunners made by my creative stars : As I can't choose since I love each of those pages, I will post them all !

By Irenchen
By Mammatveyia1

By WendyP
By July-C
By Hekas
By Mamiemoi
By Irenchen
By Yelina
By Delph
By Abeille
By Angel Jet
By Chouk
By MagCP
By Beauté
by Mamiemoi
 By Paprika
By Mel Designs
By Doudou's designs
By Me ;)

1 commentaire:

Jitka a dit…

Fantastic spring kit and all the pages too sweetie!